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Opening our door is like unlocking a treasure chest. 

Walk the plank up to the first floor where you’ll be greeted by a flourishing lounge and bar designed to get the mood just perfect for the hours of indulgence which lay ahead. If you’re in the spirit, ask our master bartenders to conjure up a cocktail just for you! 

Did you know? King Solomon was considered a magician of his time and had a profound interest in potion making and amulets. When he sent the ships of Tarshish out to sea, many of the crew enjoyed his creations by the cup full. 

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Tarshish invites you to its newest edition "MOR BAR" this beautifully designed 90 cover space is located on the first floor of the Tarshish venue, sitting comfortably below the restaurant. Mor Bar is available for private hire, the space has a dedicated stage for live music performances, where a talented range of bands perform every Friday and Saturday evening.  The space is equipped with two booths, a full size ping pong table and DJ booth with a state of the art audio system.


For all enquires get in touch with us at info@tarshish.co.uk 

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